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So what is The Liberty Leader?

   For the community and by the community. The Liberty Leader is a community based newspaper that has a main goal at providing a free community paper that keeps all the great folks in our area informed of all the happenings and events of our area. We look forward to providing you with great stories, announcements of current events and advertising of the local area. We encourages and look forward to hear from you about stories you may know about or would like to learn more about.  


 We hope this site will soon be your link to building a stronger community connection. Drop us an line to let us know how we can better serve this area. We have already had several great ideas already.  We also have had a requestfor local links to websites and business in this area. The sky is the limit.  


Parents rest assure, we strive to keep this a family friendly site. I have two great daughters and two grandkids that we look out for also. Hope to see you here soon. Thanks for all your continued support.                    



 The Liberty Leader Newspaper



Editor - Stories/Events


​Kevin Bowman


Duane Wall

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